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Solar Washington has been one of the most important advocates for solar energy in the Pacific Northwest for many years. We’ve worked on everything from pioneering Washington State’s innovative incentive programs to providing ongoing public education around the state. A business sponsorship for Solar Washington is a great way to associate your name with our organization and the solar movement. Sponsorship provides a way for your company or organization to:

  • Gain exposure to an appreciative audience that’s open to your message
  • Give back to your community.
  • Showcase your organization as an innovative leader that is supporting Solar Washington
  • Showcase our sponsorship logo on your website and marketing materials
  • Feature your business on our website and other means of communication
  • Support the promotion of solar adoption throughout Washington State

How your support impacts what we do

Support from our annual sponsors helps fund the events and programs that educate Washingtonians about solar, its uses and its benefits. Click to read more about our recent accomplishments

EnvSymposium1.jpgSolar Washington participated in the 2017 YMCA Earth Service Corps Environmental Symposium. Here's feedback from staff, volunteers and participants:

"Many youth commented that they learned a lot (from Solar Washington), loved that your presentation was interactive and highlighted it as the workshop from which they learned the most. A handful of evaluations also specifically highlighted that they felt hopeful after Solar Washington's workshop. Our staff and volunteers also commented on the high quality and engaging nature of your workshop. It was highlighted as one of the best by all groups!"


Sponsorship levels typically are at $1500 (Gigawatt level), $1000 (Megawatt level) and $500 (Kilowatt level). For more information about becoming an annual Solar Washington sponsor (and sponsorship guidelines), contact us at info@solarwa.org

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