Individual & Professional Members

Solar Washington thanks its sponsors and individual members for their contributions to support Solar Washington in advancing solar energy in Washington state. Interested in sponsoring Solar Washington? Sign up today!

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Individual Members

Individual members include homeowners, industry personnel, and other solar enthusiasts.



Professional Members

Professional members are individuals who work directly or indirectly with the solar energy sector in Washington. Solar Washington appreciates their support!


Margaret Adams
Jaffer Ali
Joseph Amell
Dan Baugh
Stan Bianchi
Kendall Bodden
Richard Boehm
Bill Boyd
Maryann Bryan
Ilya Bukshteyn
James Burke
Aaron Burns
Devorah Campbell
Bruce Carter
Mark Cerasuolo
Thomas Chapin
Thomas Dempsey
Stu Frothingham
Deepa Garg
Sim Guth
Paige Hamack
Tyrel Haveman
Chris Horne
George Iftner
Jason Keyes
Ricardo Lagos
Howard Lamb
Josh Lechleiter
Bill Leighty
Karen May


Laura McCarty
Noel Miller
Charles Newquist
David Nicol
Jake Olsen-Jacobsen
Craig Olson
Nathan Palmquist
Kenneth Perkins
Robert Ransom
Warren Raven
Britton Rife
Chandra Romel
Rob Salberg
Jeanine SanClemente
Rodney Schmidt
Joan Schrammeck
Alicia Shapiro
Robert Slack
Ron Snell
Donald Stimson
Tamera Strandwold
Dean Van Vleet
Liz Washburn
Dave Watterson
Willard Westre
Eugene Wilkie
Dennis Wray
Maryn Wynne

Jerry Berger (E-mail)
Michael Hasse (E-mail)
Linda Irvine (E-mail)
Dave Kozin (E-mail)
Lisa Papp (E-mail)
Warren Raven (E-mail)
Stewart Wadsworth (Email)
Julie Wilcox (Email)

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