Job Openings

Following are a list of current job announcements which are directly and indirectly related to the solar industry. We make every attempt to keep this list as updated as possible. If your company has a current opening, please send your job announcements to

Project Manager, Affordable Clean Energy for All program, NW SEED
Post date: Oct. 25, 2016

The State Energy Office at Commerce is recruiting two Senior Energy Policy Specialists for our Energy Policy Section: Alternative Fuels & Vehicles and Distributed Energy. Recruitment is open through October 18 for the Alternative Fuels & Vehicles lead, and October 20 for the Distributed Energy lead.
Post date: Oct. 10, 2016

Finance and Operations Manager, NW SEED
Post date: Sept. 13, 2016

Solar Installer/Residential 02 Electrician, Artisan Electric
Post date: Sept. 2, 2016

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