2023 Solar Washington Annual Meeting & Board Member Election

Solar Washington Members, :

We are closing a successful 2022 and are preparing for the new year.  As a member-driven organization, Solar Washington has three requests of you:

  • Attend the virtual Annual Member Meeting on January 20, 2023 at 2:00 pm
  • Review the amended bylaws, ask questions, and approve if you are satisfied
  • Vote for our slate of candidates to the 2023 board

Annual Meeting:

Please attend the annual meeting on January 20, 2023 2:00-3:30 pm.  Board candidates will attend and bylaws changes will be discussed.  Jill Eikenhorst, Solar Section Supervisor with the Washington Dept. of Commerce will keynote the meeting with an update on state programs and the upcoming legislature.  Solar Washington board members and the executive director will provide updates on the work of Solar Washington and its plans for the future.  You can vote for your board candidates and for the bylaws anytime between now and the annual meeting, or on the spot at the annual meeting.

RSVP: 2023 Solar Washington Annual Meeting of the Members



The Solar Washington Bylaws have not been updated since 2012 and are out-of-date.

The amended bylaws re-organize the different sections for added clarity, make allowance for the existence of staff, create a nominating committee, and offer guidance on the role of the different officers' positions.

View the clean 2022-12-10 amended version  |   View the amended version in revision format   |  View the clean current 2012 version   

The current bylaws require that changes to the bylaws be put in front of the members for 30 days, starting Dec. 20, 2022 and until the close of the election period at the Annual Meeting on Jan. 20.  Ballots will be sent out on Jan. 3.

For questions about the bylaws, please contact the Board Secretary, Richard Hartung.   

To approve the bylaws amendments, click on the link below, under Board Candidates.

Board Candidates

For 2023 we have four Board vacancies (up to six if the bylaws are approved) and seven candidates seeking to join the Board.  This would be in addition to four board members who are currently completing the second year of their respective two-year terms (no incumbents this year). 

After reviewing each candidate's information below, you may choose “approve” or “not approve". Please select the candidates you would like to see on your board. The candidates receiving the most votes will be elected to the board. Voting ends January 20, 2023 with a final option to vote at the Annual Meeting.

Candidates appear in alphabetical order, by last name, below. 

Vote on the candidates and the bylaws amendments


Brandon Adams

Commercial Project Manager - Puget Sound Solar.

I have a varied background in heavy industry, from the sales, distribution, and installation sides. I am thrilled to work in Washington's dynamic renewables market, building new infrastructure for today and especially for generations to come.

Anders Alexander

I graduated Western Washington University with an environmental degree in 2009 and immediately moved to California looking for an environmental career. As the solar industry develops I have learned that it needs an honest guiding hand to ensure it's integrated into our world in a way that truly helps humans and can be called "beneficial electrification." I started United Solar and want to be apart of this movement of bringing solar to everyone in Washington. I have dedicated my career to solar, I am 13 years in, and looking forward to the next 25. My theory of change is "invest to change the world." Greater awareness of the benefits of using solar energy will help create a more sustainable Washington State and help mitigate climate change. 

Nora Hawkins

I am a senior energy policy specialist at the Washington State Department of Commerce where I work on renewable energy and energy storage in the State Energy Office. I grew up in Seattle and spent seven years working for the federal government in Washington, DC.  I completed a masters of environmental management at the Yale School of the Environment to strength my aptitude for developing clean energy policies.
My most formative experience in my career was working on the Solar for All program to cut the energy bills of low income residents.  I then worked at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).   I am passionate about expanding access to solar and storage and finding new ways to bring the benefits of the clean energy economy to communities through innovative policy, regulation, and program implementation.

Shane Frye

Net metering program manager for Snohomish PUD

As the lead for SnoPUD's net metering program, Shane will add a valuable public utility perspective to the Board. Shane has been with the PUD for 15 years, and in his current position for about a year. In his short time working in solar, he has made significant progress towards streamlining utility processes for the benefit of solar customers and installers. Most recently, he has built on this experience to better define PUD standards and review processes for net metered solar projects that include battery energy storage, and is exploring how the PUD can better utilize solar for the benefit of income-qualified customers.

Daniel Marshall

I work with Renewables and Clean Energy at PSE. I am a program coordinator for Net Metering and have been overseeing the day-to-day interconnection process for our customers since 2017. I regularly collaborate with solar installers, other utilities, and customers to ensure the interconnection process is as simple as possible. I've had the opportunity to be part of outreach events, including talking with students, utility representation within the community, as well as educating the public through Net metering presentations.

I'd love to join the Solar Washington Board to provide utility perspective and continue advancing the momentum of solar within the state.

Maina Mumbi

I am an electrician, and I started my solar (PV) career in 1999 when a group of researchers from the University of California, Berkeley came to my country to study the productive use of solar, photovoltaic, and its drawbacks.  Since then, I have been active in renewable energy, attended many trainings, and installed many offgrid solar systems in Africa. I am privileged to be in the pioneering group that started studying the use of solar in rural households in Kenya and have been a research help for institutions, such as Humboldt university, University of California, Berkeley, Clasp, Lighting Africa, and later Lighting Global. I have been training technicians to install and repair Pico energy systems. I am currently taking a clean energy course at Shoreline community college. I want to pass what I know to the community through active participation in solar Washington programs. 

I propose myself as a board member because I like the work Solar Washington is doing, and I would like to be part of the great work.

Margaret Towle

I am a graduate of the University of Washington, receiving a Ph.D. in political economy in the early 1980s. I have been an investment professional for over four decades, including an expertise in sustainable investing. My husband and I own a farm in Thorp, Washington. We are now considering the possibility of converting some of our agricultural land into use for a "solar farm." To get up to speed on solar, I took a course offered by the University of Colorado Boulder on "Renewable Energy Projects." A few years ago, I was on the board of an ag-tech indoor vertical farm company that used solar energy to power LED growing lights.



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