2024 Solar Washington Annual Meeting & Board Member Election

Solar Washington Members:

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We are closing a successful 2023 and are preparing for the new year.  As a member-driven organization, Solar Washington has two requests of you:

  • Attend the virtual Annual Member Meeting on January 26, 2024 at 12:00 pm
  • Vote for our slate of candidates to the 2024 board

Annual Meeting:

Solar Washington members, please attend the annual meeting on January 26, 2024 12:00-1:30 pm

Liz Reichart, Senior Policy Specialist at the Washington Dept. of Commerce, will talk about Building Electrification.  This will be followed by a roundtable discussion on Solar Washington's vision, concerns and possible action steps on our path to support our vision of a 100% clean energy Washington!

Board candidates will attend and participate.  You can vote for your board candidates based on the information below or wait for the annual meeting and meet the candidates before you vote. The Election closes on January 26 at midnight.

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Board Candidates

The Board of Directors is currently composed of nine board members, but bylaw revisions approved in 2023 are allowing the board to expand to eleven members.  Elected board members serve two year terms, so half of the board is either up for re-election or vacates a seat every year. For the director positions open for 2024, there are 3 incumbents and up to 4 wide open seats.

After reviewing each candidate's information below, you may choose “approve” or “not approve". Please select the candidates you would like to see on your board. The candidates receiving the most votes will be elected to the board. Voting ends January 26, 2024 at midnight.  If you are planning on attending the  Annual Meeting, you will have a chance to meet the candidates before voting. 




Candidates appear in alphabetical order, by last name, below. 


Chris Brown


I am a tax and business attorney. I've been practicing law for about 27 years. Currently, I am a shareholder at Karr Tuttle Campbell, a mid-sized law firm in Seattle.

I am a big supporter of solar energy. When the Inflation Reduction Act was still being considered, I decided to shift my education and learning to really focus on solar and energy law along with the various tax incentives in the IRA. For the last 2 years, I have been studying solar energy policy and law, making contacts in the community, and learning about the development of solar law and policy in Washington. Along the way I have been writing a few articles (published on my firm's website) and giving a few presentations. I plan to continue speaking and writing on these topics in the future.

I am convinced that solar energy has a big role to play in Washington, and I want to help make that happen. In particular, I'm interested in how the new incentives under the IRA work with Washington's current law. Solar energy is going through dynamic change. I want to be part of it. As a business lawyer, serving on a board of a solar nonprofit is one way that I can give back to the community.

In the past, I have served on two non-profit Boards, on the Plymouth Housing Group board and the Seattle Alternative Investment Association. I learned a lot about how nonprofit Boards work by serving on these two boards.

I have been involved in renewable for 15 years on a large scale and am wanting to assist Solar Washington as the market grows and this organization continues to influence Solar adoption in my home state. I have a diverse understanding of the solar industry in both large and small scale C&I and would like to bring that experience to Solar Washington to help the industry and my home state in whatever capacity that I can.


Richard Hartung



I am an advisor, writer, investor and volunteer board member focused on sustainability. I am the co-founder of Asia Sustainability Angels and a member of E8, serve on boards of non-profits including Solar Washington and the Center for a Responsible Future, and write about sustainability for Impact Entrepreneur as well as blogs and non-profits. I am also a former banker and a consultant on retail banking strategy. I work a freelance writer for The Asian Banker as well as other media. I have a BA from Pomona College and an MBA from Stanford University.

I have solar panels installed on our home so use solar power personally, and I encourage friends, neighbors and contacts to use solar. I have organized community workshops about solar power and I speak about solar power to a variety of groups. I also I write about the benefits of solar for a variety of audiences as a way to educate more people about solar power.

I have served on the Solar Washington Board for nearly two years and want to continue this meaningful work so that I can continue to support greater use of solar power. I write about solar power regularly for the Solar Washington newsletter as well as other media and hope to continue that writing in order to inform more people about the benefits of and issues to overcome with solar energy. I also hope to continue to chair the Education and Communications committee so Solar Washington can identify ways to reach more people. I would also like to continue the initiatives on governance and the website that I have worked on in order to make Solar Washington an even stronger organization. That said, I am open to serving where I am most needed.

Dever Haffner-Ratliffe


I began my career working at a solar installer and was a founding board member of WASEIA, where I served as the Legislative and Policy Chair. I then went to work for the state, including Department of Labor and Industries on labor topics, Department of Commerce on low income housing, solar, electric vehicles, and energy efficiency, and then I worked on utility scale renewable energy at the Department of Natural Resources. I now work in government affairs for a public utility district, where I get to bring all of these subjects together. I have recently launched a website to help consumers shopping for solar. 

I’ve enjoyed attending Solar Washington many times, and am proud to have presented twice, once on land considerations for utility scale solar, and once on solar consumer protection issues.

I would like to join the board because I understand and have experience with so many different aspects of solar- managing an installation company, labor and licensing, grants, utilities... I would like to use this background to help move solar forward in a way that has as many benefits as possible, and also help find paths forward for some of the pain points and road blocks. 

The work Solar Washington does is so important for our planet and our economy. I would love to contribute my experience to this organization.

Chris Muench



I am still very passionate about renewable energies and especially the solar industry. I am very interested in growing SolarWA into a bigger picture around small micro-grids for homeowners and businesses.

I'd love to remain a board member and help with the transition to a solar centered micro-grid approach as discussed by the board.


Maina Mumbi

I am deeply passionate about renewable energy, focusing on solar power, a field I've been involved in for over ten years. My journey started with a fascination for how solar technology harnesses the sun's energy, a limitless and clean resource. This led me to pursue training in several institutions and businesses for a better experience, further deepening my understanding and expertise.

Professionally, I've had the opportunity to work on diverse projects, ranging from residential solar installations to larger, community-based solar initiatives. I have also been a solar technician and technical trainer. These experiences have honed my technical skills and given me a profound appreciation for solar energy's impact on communities and the environment.
In addition to my professional pursuits, I've been an active member of solar advocacy groups like the Kenya Renewable Energy Association (KEREA), Lighting Africa, and Now Lighting Global. Kenya Renewable Energy Licensing Board, participating in campaigns and workshops to increase public awareness and support policy changes favoring solar energy adoption.
My connection to solar is a career choice and a personal commitment to a more sustainable future. I continuously seek opportunities to expand my knowledge and share my passion with others, hoping to inspire and contribute to the broader shift towards renewable energy sources."

As a member of the Solar Washington Board, I aim to leverage my experience and passion to further the board's objectives. I aim to contribute to making Washington a leader in solar energy adoption, driving not only environmental benefits but also economic growth and energy independence for the state.

Daniel Munn

I am a practicing Professional Engineer who has been involved in renewable energy plant design since 2008. I work nationally for clients in roles as diverse as Engineering sub to EPCs up to Owner's Engineer and Construction Manager for large Corporate clients with Carbon Neutrality goals.

I have been involved in renewable for 15 years on a large scale and am wanting to assist Solar Washington as the market grows and this organization continues to influence Solar adoption in my home state. I have a diverse understanding of the solar industry in both large and small scale C&I and would like to bring that experience to Solar Washington to help the industry and my home state in whatever capacity that I can.

Alex Nephew



Solar power, although more mainstream and common than ever before, still needs advocacy and education. There is a need for education for the new to solar all the way to the experienced industry professional. There are new laws, changing incentives and other industries that can use what the solar industry has already established.

As a board member of Solar Washington, it has been my privilege to work alongside other professionals who are looking to advance and inform the novice and the expert. As a board,  we have been working well together to keep the mission of Solar Washington alive. Having spent a year as the board President, it appears that we have even more work to do in an industry, not just solar but the power industry itself. There are new technologies, different ways to deploy current technologies and ways to help inform and educate.

I hope to help lead Solar Washington into a longer more sustainable future, both in the organization itself and in the energy that we all produce. Thank you for your consideration.

Charlee Thompson


Charlee advances distributed energy resources, energy equity, and clean energy policy at the NW Energy Coalition. She passionately advocates for and helps to design policies and programs that empower communities to engage in the clean energy transition, recognizing solar as a vital part of the solution.

Charlee holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an M.P.A. in Environmental Policy from the University of Washington. Her expertise and commitment to fostering a clean energy future that both sustains the planet and benefits all communities make her a highly valuable prospective member of the Solar Washington Board.




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