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Solar Washington provides educational resources, information, tools and opportunities for those who support, are in the business of, and advocate for solar in Washington State. This includes general citizens, homeowners, industry personnel, legislators, utility representatives, and others. Our hope is to increase the awareness and adoption of solar which benefits our local economy and our environment.

With your support, we can continue to:

  • Promote clean energy to support resilient and sustainable communities in Washington
  • Engage in educational efforts informing homeowners and others about the environmental, societal and economic benefits of solar 
  • Expand our scope of educational materials for industry professionals, homeowners, elected officials, students of all levels and others 
  • Support consumers making sound and informed decisions about solar 
  • Promote and support meaningful employment and effective technical training for youth and underprivileged population in the solar industry 
  • Support a well-trained and diverse workforce providing fair clean energy services and products 
  • Further our partnerships with other non-profits to expand solar's reach into the community 
  • Deliver unbiased expertise and knowledge to the public

Early giving starts on April 18, 2023
The big event is on May 2-3

Make a donation to Solar Washington on the GiveBig page or donate or join here.

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