2015 Solar Summit


Utility presentations and panel on current challenges and opportunities, the "cap", where do they see use of energy storage, etc.

Energy Storage, EV and how they fit into the whole equation

Manufacturing with incentives - how transition to a financially sustainable and global marketplace

Solar stakeholders: What did you learn from the 2015 legislative session? What needs to be done for the 2016 session and what could be dealbreakers for you?

A discussion with Washington legislators concerning solar and what could result from the upcoming session

  • Sen. John McCoy of the Senate Energy, Environment & Telecommunications Committee
  • Rep. Chad Magendanz of the House Technology & Economic Development Committee
  • Rep. Gerry Pollett of the House Finance Committee (PDF)
  • Sen. Cyrus Habib of the Senate Energy, Environment & Telecommunications Committee¬†

Solar at the federal level: A look at the Federal ITC with Todd Glass, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati/Solar Energy Industries Association

How do we work together to get where we need to be? (Broadening the solar tent: Allies in related industries and unexpected places)

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