Solar Washington brings you news and updates to bills introduced in Olympia as they pertain to solar and/or energy related policies. Check the Legislature’s web site for more information about the process.  The 2016 session has ended.

Make Your Opinion Count!

During the legislative session, you can use the Legislative Hotline to leave a message for your legislators or the Governor about any piece of legislation by calling 1-800-562-6000. You can also use the state legislature webpage to find your legislators and send them an e-mail.

Bills Introduced this Last Session with Solar Implications

  • HB 2346-Promoting a sustainable, local renewable energy industry through modifying renewable energy system tax incentives and providing guidance for renewable energy system component recycling. HB 2346 failed to pass during the 2016 Legislative session. Read the bill's history.

Key Committees in the House

Key Committees in the Senate


  • Initiative I-937: A clean energy initiative passed by the voters in the November 2006 elections that requires the state’s larger utilities to achieve 15% renewable energy by 2020 and to separately realize cost effective, bill-lowering energy efficiency savings.  This law is referred to as a renewable energy portfolio standard.
  • From Governor Jay Inslee: 2015 Carbon Pollution Reduction Legislative Proposals including Executive Order 14-04.

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