Current Solar Washington Annual Sponsors & Members

Solar Washington thanks its sponsors and members for supporting Solar Washington's efforts to advance solar energy in Washington state. Companies are listed below in the order of their financial level of support for Solar Washington. All of the following companies have agreed to the Solar Washington Code of Ethics prior to finalizing their sponsorship or business membership to Solar Washington. 

Solar Washington cannot recommend or endorse any individual contractor/company that appears on this list. Solar Washington provides this listing as acknowledgement of their annual support as well as for informational purposes only. We generally recommend researching and contacting more than one vendor before hiring. For more information about questions to ask a potential contractor as well as consumer protection resources, please consult this page on our website 

Annual Company Gigawatt Sponsors

Solar Washington thanks the following companies for their support!


INSTALLER; A&R Solar is a team of smart, environmentally conscious specialists who design and install solar energy systems for homeowners, businesses, and government agencies. The company was founded in 2007 as an employee owned venture and is now a Certified B-Corporation.


pinnacle_roofing-pros250.jpgINSTALLER; When making an investment decision on a new roof or solar system, Pinnacle Roofing Professionals is dedicated to working closely with our clients through consistent communication to identify their individual needs and goals and to provide them with sustainable, innovative, high-quality roofing and solar solutions. We use the latest cutting-edge technologies and top-of-the-line products. We focus on safety and educate our employees while contributing to the advancement of the roofing and solar industry and ultimately to the betterment of our community.


psccu_logo-200.jpgLENDING INSTITUTIONPuget Sound Cooperative Credit Union has become a leader in providing our members the ability to access and afford energy efficient options for their homes. Our Energy-Smart Loans cover everything from heating and cooling, hot water tanks, gas conversions—to windows and even renewable energy like solar.


Puget-Sound-Solar-Formatted-b.jpgINSTALLERPuget Sound Solar designs, sells, installs, and services solar energy systems and electric vehicle charging stations. Our customers want to make a difference by using solar energy so our job is to help them make that happen, and to provide them with high quality service.


Annual Company Kilowatt Sponsors

Solar Washington thanks the following companies for their support!












Annual Company Business Members

Solar Washington thanks the following companies for their support!

AllCities Solar and Electric Company
Local solar energy contractor servicing Central Washington. Our business features experience while keeping updated on the latest solar energy products and green energy tactics. 

Artisan Electric
Artisan Electric is one of Puget Sound’s largest and most respected solar/electrical contractors.

Capstone Solutions
CapStone Solutions is a proven provider of integrated services for the wireless and energy industries. 

Cascadia Solar
Cascadia Solar specializes in the design and installation of grid-tied solar systems on the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas.

Mason PUD #3
With 300 kilowatts of solar power installed and closely monitored at our Johns Prairie operations center, Mason County PUD 3 is ready to lend a hand to its customers who are interested in generating their own renewable energy.

Northwest Renewables
Northwest Renewables offers cutting edge solar solutions and a solar installation team to walk you through the newest solar technology on the market.

Premier Solar NW
Premier Solar NW is one of a select group of companies recognized by GuildQuality for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Roof Tech
The next generation in rooftop solar mounting solutions.

Seattle City Light
Seattle City Light is proud to offer forward-thinking, renewables programs that help power our world.

Snohomish County Public Utility District
Snohomish County PUD is the second largest publicly owned utility in Washington. Our service territory covers over 2,200 square miles, including all of Snohomish County and Camano Island.

South Sound Solar
South Sound Solar is your local renewable energy expert since 2007. We are a full service solar installer, based in Olympia, WA.

Sphere Solar Energy
Through our strong solar technology expertise and commitment to innovation, we provide our customers with high value solar energy solutions.

Switch Electric
Providing solar installation, generator installation and repair, and home electrical services for our customers in the Seattle and now Walla Walla areas of Washington.

Washington State University Energy Program
The Washington State University (WSU) Energy Program is a self-supported department within the university providing energy services, products, education and information – all with a focus on advancing the environmental and economic well-being of our customers.

Professional Members

Professional members are individuals who work directly or indirectly with the solar energy sector in Washington. Solar Washington appreciates their support!

Eric Baugh
Blake Bjornson,, Manager, Project Development, Consultant/Solar Development
Andy Cochrane
Tim Economu
Robin Garrett
Brian Grunkemeyer
Denis Hayes
James Herndon
William Leighty 
Cameron McCall
Pat Norwil
Lisa Papp
Evan Ramsey
James Ryan
Jameson Schwetz
Dave Warren (E-mail); consultant 
Julie Wilcox,, residential sales manager
Yeve Williams
Chris Wolfe,, solar, business owner, renewable advocate, electric transportation


Individual Members

Solar Washington thanks the following individuals for their annual support of our ongoing programs and activities. 

Robert Barton
Vivian Bennett
Kendall Bodden
Richard Boehm
Ilya Bukshteyn
James Burke
Henry Burwell
Bruce Carter
John Doherty
Dan Durland
Darius Ellis
Liz Ellis
Banu Erdim
Stu Frothingham
John Gilbert
Michael Goodwin
Susan Hacker
Kathy Hall
Bart Hansen
Danielle Harder
Jack Harrison
Paige Heggie
Melissa Hoberg
Bill Hoelzer
David Hostetler
George Iftner
Gary Ingram
Jeremy Keller
Jason Keyes
Howard Lamb
Ellen Lamiman
Jon Lange
Jay Larson
Sid Logan
Jay Luboff
Rich Martinez
Ted Matts
David McCaughey
Noel Miller
Kevin Moens
Keith Moore
Leslie Moynihan
James Mullins
Maina Mumbi


Mike Nelson
Jack Newman
Chuck Newquist
Jake Olsen-Jacobsen
Craig Olson
Connor O'Malley
David Otis
Suzy Oversvee
Özgür Özcan
Dan Palmer
Kenneth Perkins
Chris Pribe
Grace Reamer
Heather Rhoads-Weaver
Kim Rice
Britton Rife
Richard Roberts
Chandra Romel
Dwight Rousu
Rodney Schmidt
Joan Schrammeck
Jonathan Shakes
Ron Snell
Donald Stimson
Jacquelyn Styrna
David Tomlinson
Rob Tyrrell
Edward Ury
Pedro Valverde
Sam Vanderhoof
Dean Van Vleet
Lindsey Virdeh
Sarah Vorpahl
Liz Washburn
David Watterson
Lyle Whitcomb
Kristina Whitney
Todd Williams
Manuela Winter
Sam Winters
Rebecca Wolfe
Dennis Wray
Carla Wulfsberg

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