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Solar Washington thanks its sponsors and members for supporting Solar Washington's efforts to advance solar energy in Washington state. Read about becoming a sponsor. Individuals and companies may also become members, too.

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Gigawatt Sponsors

A-Rweblogo-formatted.jpg  INSTALLER
A&R Solar
 is a team of smart, environmentally conscious specialists who design and install solar energy systems for homeowners, businesses, and government agencies. The company was founded in 2007 as an employee owned venture and is now a Certified B-Corporation.
Having installed over 4 MW of solar power, Artisan Electric is one of the largest and most respected solar contractors in the region. We are proud to set industry standards for quality, design, and customer service.
Puget-Sound-Solar-Formatted.jpg INSTALLER
Puget Sound Solar
installed the first residential net-metered photovoltaic system in Seattle in 2001. Since then our team has installed about 10 megawatts of solar in Washington, 700 EV charging stations, and completed 200 home energy retrofit projects. We have been a Solar Washington member since 2001 and have been involved in numerous efforts to promote the use of solar energy through federal, state, and local policy.

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