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Solar Washington is the nonprofit organization connecting you with “all things solar” in Washington. We present and partner with other organizations to hold events and our annual Washington State Solar Summit, host Solar 101 workshops, and provide other educational resources for Washingtonians with an interest in solar. Whether you are considering solar for your home or business, seeking a career in solar, or wanting to learn about legislation in Olympia, Solar Washington provides helpful information to help you navigate the solar energy landscape in Washington State. 

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  • Upcoming events

    Monday, May 20, 2024 at 06:00 PM through May 25, 2024
    George Washington University | Washington, D.C.

    ASES SOLAR 2024: Connecting Technology & Policy

    The National Solar Conference is America’s leading conference on the emerging trends, technology, and opportunities shaping the new energy economy. The American Solar Energy Society’s cutting-edge conference series introduces attendees to the leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs moving the industry forward. With the solar energy and energy efficiency sectors changing at an unprecedented pace, this conference helps participants understand the changes and uncover the billion-dollar opportunities. ASES supports the global initiative that a world equitably transformed to 100% renewable energy is an urgent necessity.

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    Tuesday, June 04, 2024 at 12:00 PM through June 18, 2024

    Solar Washington Webinar series: Homeowners guide to going solar

    Are you considering the prospect of getting solar panels to harness the sun’s energy for your home? This is a complex decision that requires some knowledge of the process, an understanding of how to go about finding professional help and some ideas of what to expect in the short and long run. 

    As an independent, education-focused nonprofit association, Solar Washington can provide you with unbiased, objective information to support your decision-making process through this series of short webinars.

    Part 1-4 presenter, Dever Haffner-Ratliffe, is a Solar Washington board member with years of experience in solar. She began her career working at a solar installer, worked for the State in various clean energy-related positions, and now works in government affairs for a public utility district. She recently launched a website to help consumers shopping for solar.

    Part 5 presenter, Anders Hellum-Alexander is a Solar Washington board member who graduated from Western Washington University with an environmental degree in 2009 and has worked in the solar industry in California and Washington since then. 

    On June 4, 12:00-12:45 pm -- In Part 1 of this 5-part series, Dever Haffner-Ratliffe will help you understand what solar is, what to expect with solar panels and, most importantly, whether your home is suitable for solar panels.

    On June 7, 12:00-12:45 pm -- Now that it looks like your place is suitable for solar, can you afford it? In Part 2 of this 5-part series, Dever Haffner-Ratliffe will explore your prospects for financing and the incentives you can realistically expect.

    On June 11, 12:00-12:45 pm -- You are moving forward with your intention of getting solar panels on your home, so it's time to go out and get some bids. In Part 3 of this 5-part series, Dever Haffner-Ratliffe will help you understand those solar quotes so you can feel confident before choosing a company to install solar on your property.

    On June 14, 12:00-12:45 pm -- You now understand the benefits of solar, how much the installation will cost and how you can finance your project. In Part 4 of this 5-part series, Dever Haffner-Ratliffe will take you to the final steps of what to expect after you sign up with a contractor: the installation, connections, day-to-day usage, maintenance, etc.

    On June 18, 12:00-12:45 pm -- Finally, after switching to solar panels is a good time to review how you use electricity by evaluating your homes for opportunities to scale down or eliminate fossil fuel-based energy consumption. In Part 5 of this 5-part series, Anders Hellum-Alexander will take you on a journey to electrify your home.

    Register separately for each webinar.  The links above will take you to the relevant registration page.

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