Member Spotlight: Ryan Bradt

In November 2023, Solar Washington interviewed Ryan Bradt, a longtime member, former board member and Solar Summit participant who shared his enthusiasm about solar.  

Solar Washington: Ryan, how did you become interested in solar? 

Ryan Bradt: Way back in 1998 I first became interested in solar energy as a commercial electrician apprentice at the Northwest Washington Electrical J.A.T.C. As a part of our apprenticeship, we had a short lesson on solar electricity and the then just blossoming industry. The class included the instructor cooking a hotdog with the leads of a PV module to demonstrate the potential power of the sun and associated hazard. In 2008 I found myself in that same classroom as an instructor and saw a need to expand our solar PV curriculum. I reached out to Solar Energy International, got included in a DOL training grant for instructors and as they say the rest is history.

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Member Spotlight: Maina Mumbi

In late June 2023, Solar Washington talked to Maina Mumbi who shared his amazing pursuit of solar knowledge.  Maina has been a member of Solar Washington for over two years and is serving on the Solar Washington Education Committee.

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Member Spotlight: Jay Larson

In late May 2023, Solar Washington talked to Jay Larson, a long time member based in Spokane who currently serves on the Board of Solar Washington. Jay talks about how his interest in solar developed at a very young age and led to a career in solar.

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Member Spotlight: Richard Hartung

In April 2023, Solar Washington talked to Richard Hartung, a long time member who currently serves on the Board of Solar Washington.  Richard talks about how his participation in a community solar project led to his full immersion into solar.

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Member Spotlight: Jack Newman

In early March 2023, Solar Washington interviewed Jack Newman, a long time member and board member who is Solar Washington's Immediate Past President, about his connection to solar. Jack has been thoroughly immersed in solar for years and he offers valuable insight and recommendations.

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Member Spotlight: Suzy Oversvee

In December 2022, Solar Washington interviewed Suzy Oversvee, former Solar Washington Board Member and Program Manager at Snohomish County PUD.  The Snohomish PUD microgrid project in Arlington was our July 2022 Focus on a Solar Project.

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Member Spotlight: Alex Nephew

In November 2022, Solar Washington talked to Alex Nephew a member and board member who is also Solar Washington's Vice-President


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Member Spotlight: Chandra Romel

Solar Washington: Chandra, why and how did you become a supporter of solar power?

Chandra Romel: I became interested in solar energy when I moved to Indiana many years ago and learned that the majority of the state’s electricity was produced by coal-fired power plants. I felt compelled to take action. While “going solar” was something I read about, I did not realize how feasible it was for me as a home owner until I spotted an array of roof-top photovoltaic (PV) panels on a neighbor’s house. She shared her experience and led me to a local nonprofit educational group advocating for solar energy as an effective way to offset carbon emissions as a source of clean energy, in an effort to mitigate human-caused climate change and to preserve the natural environment. Solar power has benefits beyond clean energy; it gives home owners energy independence, allows power companies to diversify their portfolio, and creates jobs. Solar PV systems are easy to maintain and will operate for decades.

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Member Spotlight: Karen May

Committed to the idea humans need to do their part, Karen May hired a solar systems engineering firm to evaluate the feasibility of a solar system with backup storage on her home.  She is looking for solar roof tops and cheap renewable power to be more easily and economically distributed.

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Chris Muench on Joining Solar Washington and Installing Solar

In May 2022 Solar Washington asked Chris Muench about his interest in solar that led to installing solar on his home 

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