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Working in the solar industry

There are many pathways for employment in the solar energy sector. From working at an installer, manufacturing, research and development, the utility sector, policymaking and more. This page provides an array of helpful resources for those considering a career in solar. 

Solar Washington Webinar Presentation-Working in Solar: Job Types at a Solar Installer

PresentationScreenShot2.jpgIn this presentation from January 15, 2021, Working in Solar: Job Types at a Solar Installer, Solar Washington Board member Kevin Moens (also of Seattle, WA based A&R Solar) outlined the types of positions commonly found within a solar installation company. From design, installation, finance to marketing and more  Kevin provided this one-hour overview of positions, needed skills, education and more. This presentation was hosted by Solar Washington. 

Click to access the webinar recording. (Free to view, but registration required.)


Solar Washington Webinar Presentation-Working in Solar: Job Types and Functions at a Utility

utility_slide250.jpgIn this presentation from February 2, 2021, Working in Solar: Job Types and Functions at a Utility, Solar Washington welcomed Bart Hansen of Clark PUD and Suzy Oversvee of Snohomish PUD (both of whom are Solar Washington Board members), who will talked solar-related jobs and activities at their respective utilities as well as insights into skills and education needed for various solar-related roles at a utility.

Click to access the webinar recording. (Free to view, but registration required.)


Solar Washington Webinar Presentation-Spotlighting Remote Energy

In this presentation from February 16, 2021, Solar Washington we welcomed Brad Burkhartzmeyer and Laura Walters to talk about their organization, Remote Energy, a Tacoma-based 501 (c)(3) for-impact organization formed in 2017 comprised of electricians, educators and innovators in the PV industry who share a vision to catalyze change in the developing world.

Click to access the webinar recording. (Free to view, but registration required.)


College & Trade Programs in Washington

The following represents local and regional schools offering classes, certifications and degrees pertaining to green building, energy sustainability and other related disciplines. This list is for informational purposes and does not necessarily represent an endorsement by Solar Washington.

Outside Washington State


  • NABCEP-registered Certificate Training Program presented by Outback Power (Arlington, WA) This accelerated 3-day program covers everything from system concepts, technologies and planning to design, programming, commissioning and testing.
  • Northwest Washington Electrical Industry JATC (Mount Vernon) A joint Labor - Management training program established by Local Union No. 191 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the Cascade Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association. Prepares electricians for careers in solar with utilities or installers.
  • The Puget Sound Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (PSEJATC) is a non-profit organization that provides the training required to receive certifications in Inside Wireman (Construction) Electrician, Limited Energy/Sound and Communication Electrician, and Residential Electrician. PSEJATC is jointly sponsored by the Puget Sound Chapter of the NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association) and IBEW local 46 (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers). It is the responsibility of PSEJATC to provide training for apprentices and journeymen in the organized electrical industry within the IBEW local 46 jurisdiction which includes King, Kitsap, Jefferson, and Clallam counties.

For Veterans

  • With strong leadership skills and technical aptitudes, military veterans make outstanding candidates for solar careers. The Solar Ready Vets Network is a U.S. Department of Energy funded initiative to connect transitioning military service members and veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces with career training, credentialing and professional development opportunities in the solar industry.

    The Solar Ready Vets Network and the Solar Ready Vets Corporate Fellowship Program are expanding and strengthening a nationwide pipeline of military talent into technical and leadership roles in the American solar workforce. Click for more information.

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