Clean Energy Institute

Clean Energy Institute at University of WA – Championed by Governor Jay Inslee and launched with funding from the State Legislature in 2012, the Clean Energy Institute’s mission is” to accelerate the adoption of a clean energy future by advancing next generation solar energy and electrical energy storage materials, devices and systems, as well as their integration with the grid.”

Today the Clean Energy Institute (CEI) research is focused on molecular level of energy conversion, including perovskites, as well as advancements in energy storage, grid integration and pathways to market for new technologies. Additionally, by putting together research funding from numerous sources beyond our state’s budget, the CEI now sponsors four research or manufacturing facilities on campus: Molecular Analysis FacilityPhotonics Research CenterWashington Nanofabrication Facility and Washington Clean Energy Testbeds (planned, not yet built) which will all for testing materials at scale. The CEI is attracting students, faculty and research dollars.

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