Solar incentives for homeowners

Join Solar Washington and Eric Wilson to find out more about solar incentives, tax credits and net metering. There is a lot of misinformation floating around about incentives and credits for homeowners and on who qualifies for what. We will offer a clear summary of the main tax credits and incentives that help make solar more affordable to those who have or want to have solar installed to offset their own electrical use. Understand what your options are so you can be a better informed customer.

Eric Wilson is a Solar Washington board member who holds employment with CapStone Solar as a commercial and utility-scale bid specialist. Eric attended Western Washington University, where he received degrees in energy policy and management and environmental science.

The webinar is free to attend, but please sign up here to receive the link to participate:

May 18, 2022 at 6:00pm - 7pm
Online Webinar

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