November 2014 General Meeting

Value of Solar: A comparison of valuation methodologies and an analysis of policy implications

Ahlmahz Negash, an electrical engineering graduate student at the University of Washington, presented on her research centering around the value of distributed energy resources at Solar Washington's General Meeting held Wednesday, November 5 at the Phinney Community Center in Seattle.

Recently, she has been focusing on methodologies to value solar, design of value of solar tariffs and the relationship between policy and value of solar analyses.

Selection from her mini abstract:
In 2014, Minnesota became the first state to legislate Value-of-Solar-Tariff (VOST) policies. This tariff compensates PV owners for their production based on the lifetime value of solar to the utility, and is an alternative to net metering. As part of this research, we are investigating a region-appropriate VOST methodology and policy for Washington.

Click to view her presentation. (PowerPoint)

Jeremy Smithson provided an update from the Solar Installers of Washington (SIW), a trade association representing the interests of Washington-based solar installers. Click to view his presentation (PowerPoint).

Click to view and listen to the meeting (link to YouTube).

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