September 2013 General Meeting

Solar Washington presents its General Meetings every other month (odd numbered months) and is free and open to solar (and related) industry personnel as well as homeowners and solar enthusiasts. Our meetings present an excellent opportunity to network with industry representatives as well as learn about current products, services and issues surrounding the solar industry in Washington State.

Following is a recap of Solar Washington's September 2013 General Meeting held September 9 at REI in downtown Seattle.

Climate Scientist Dr. Beate Liepert presented on the implications of climate change on solar PV production. Click to view her presentation. (PowerPoint, 10MB).

Click to view "130 Years of Earth Surface Temperatures", a time-lapse from GISS and NASA illustrating how the surface temperature of Earth has been changing.

Kristin Meijer presented on real world experiences including the use of solar power to charge a small battery system that allows her to operate her tankless hot water during power outages. Click to view her presentation. (PDF file, 610 KB)

Solar Washington and SEI Board Member Ryan Bradt presented on behalf of Goal Zero and the Northwest Solar Rover. Click to view the presentation. (PDF file, 3.5 MB)

Chris Schwegler of SMA Solar Technology presented on the new Sunnyboy TL inverter and other SMA products that are designed to operate during power outages. Click to view his presentation. (PDF file, 1.5 MB)

Click for a media player recording of our September 2013 membership meeting on Disaster Preparedness and Solar Photovoltaics.

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