SnoPUD's Solar Express Sunsetting

solarexpresslogoweb.jpgThe Solar Express program, operated by Snohomish County PUD, is sunsetting. Projects must be submitted by June 30, 2017 in order to be considered for a cash incentive. Through SnoPUD's Solar Express Program the PUD offers cash incentives for qualifying solar customers. Solar Express incentives are $300 per kW (up to $2,000 per residential system and $8,000 per commercial system). 

To participate in the Solar Express program, your system must be completed by a PUD Registered Solar Contractor, have a verified solar resource of at least 75% (the site captures at least 75% of the direct sunlight of an ideal site when taking into account shade, panel tilt and orientation), and be pre-approved by the PUD. Click for details.

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