Focus on a Solar Project: Thurgood Marshall Community Solar

Olympia Community Solar and the Olympia School District are partnering on an exciting new community solar project on Thurgood Marshall Middle School!  Enrollment is open for the 306 solar panels, a system large enough to power about half of the school’s energy needs (150 kW DC).  The project will bring long-term energy cost savings to the school, reduce pollution, and provide educational opportunities for the students at Thurgood Marshall. The solar array will provide young minds the opportunity to engage with an innovative technology that provides educational, economic, and environmental benefits to the school.

Enroll in the Thurgood Marshall Community Solar Project!

Olympia Community Solar is calling on supporters to purchase or donate subscriptions to Thurgood Marshall Community Solar. Each subscription represents about half of a solar panel, and subscribers will receive an annual check for the panel's generation.  

When you purchase or donate a subscription, the energy will support the school district, our students, and the wider community. This is a one of a kind way to invest in the future and work together to access the benefits of the most abundant resource in our solar system!

Solar energy is the most popular and fastest growing type of electricity in the world, but is still out of reach for renters, homes with tree cover, and families that can’t afford the cost of a rooftop system.  Community solar projects allow people to subscribe to a solar project located in the community, opening solar access to everyone, no matter where they live. Recent community solar offerings have sold out within days of opening enrollment.

Most of the energy we use to power our homes and buildings comes from somewhere far away and rarely do we feel connected to it, but this project will change that. 

Project Specifications:
• Anticipated production: 149,850 kWh per year
• Silfab 490 watt HN modules with 25 year warranties.
• 100 kW SolarEdge Inverter with online monitoring, 20 year warranty.
• Ironridge racking with SunModo Nanomount, 25 year waranties.
• Installer: Puget Sound Solar
• Anticipated construction: Summer 2023

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