Vertical solar mount achieves UL certification

In PV Magazine (Jan 22, 2024): Vertical solar mount first of kind to achieve UL certification:

In Somerset, California, German-designed Sunzaun vertical solar arrays were installed at a vineyard. Installer Sunstall developed the facility, which was composed of 43 450 W modules connected to a microinverter and two batteries.

"Sunzaun achieved rigorous UL2703 standards, making it the first vertical solar mounting system to achieve such certification for safety and reliability in the United States.

The vertical configuration of the Sunzaun system saves space, allowing for energy production in limited spaces. Sunstall said the system is well-suited for agricultural lands, urban environments and areas with restricted land availability.

The vertical orientation of the panels leads to a grid-serving production curve, avoiding the midday production peak of traditional utility-scale arrays. It has other dual-use benefits, like providing shade to crops and saving irrigation water."

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