2018 Legislation

Solar Washington Endorses I-1631

(June 26, 2018) - Solar Washington endorses Washington Ballot Initiative 1631. If it makes the ballot and is passed by the voters in November, the Act would reduce carbon pollution by investing in clean air, clean energy, such as wind and solar, clean water, healthy forests, and healthy communities. Investments would be funded by imposing a fee on large emitters based on their pollution related to the consumption of fossil fuels. This is Washington's part to address climate change. Click to read more about I-1631

The following represents bills passed or considered during the 2018 session. 


HB 1233: Enabling electric utilities to prepare for the distributed energy future; Link to bill.

HB 2280: Concerning community solar gardens; Link to bill.

HB 2281: Recertifying renewable energy systems eligible for a renewable energy system production incentive; Link to bill.

HB 2283: Encouraging investment in and reducing the costs of transitioning to the clean energy future; Link to bill.

HB 2402: Concerning the energy independence act; Link to bill.

HB 2410: Allowing the energy savings associated with on-bill repayment programs to count toward a qualifying utility’s energy conservation targets under the energy independence act; Link to bill.

HB 2413: Concerning the voluntary option to purchase qualified alternative energy resources.; Link to bill.

HB 2510: Concerning net metering; Link to bill.



SB 6081: Concerning distributed generation; Link to bill.

SB 6130: Concerning community solar gardens; Link to bill.

SB 6203: Reducing carbon pollution by moving to a clean energy economy; Link to bill.

SB 6253: Establishing a clean, efficient, renewable energy standard; Link to bill.


Key Committees in the House

Key Committees in the Senate

Many hearings are available for viewing live or archived on TVW.org.

Are you registered to vote?

Solar Washington encourages all Washingtonians to register to vote. Your voice does make a difference and representatives do listen to their constituents. They represent you! If you have not done so already or if you are not sure, please take the time to register to vote today. Here's a link to register in Washington State.  Here's a link to a page that describes the importance of voting. 

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