Blue Sky community project applications for Pacific Power service area (due Sept. 1, 2023)

The Blue Sky® funding awards can help to cover the capital costs to install qualifying, new renewable energy systems for non-residential sites in Pacific Power's service area.

Who: Non-residential (for multi-family housing projects, the renewable energy project can only serve the common loads of the facility) for sites served by Pacific Power (view service map)

Project requirements:

  • Project must be new or a new addition to existing project using new equipment. 
  • Grid-connected following interconnection guidelines as established by Pacific Power (for small generation projects, typically smaller than 25 kilowatts, a net meter is required) 
  • Locally-owned 
  • Capacity less than 10 MW 
  • Completed within one year of notice of award. If project is associated with the construction of a new building or structure, a one-year extension may be considered on a project-by-project basis. 
  • Equipped with electronic monitoring system to collect inverter energy production data for a period of at least five years. The monitoring system must consist of a production history electronic database and a public web link to be added to Pacific Power’s website for educational purposes. 
  • Applicants are expected to enroll as a Blue Sky business partner as of the date the funding award agreement is signed. Installations that provide direct financial benefit to a for-profit business may be considered, but only if the organization is a Blue Sky participant at the Visionary level.

Funding information:


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