Solar Washington at the 2018 YMCA Environmental Symposium in Seattle

RichYMCA2018a.jpgSolar Washington Board Member (and CEO of Pure Solar) Rich Phillips (pictured left) and SW Executive Director Patrick Nugent gave a presentation on solar on Friday, March 23, 2018 on the campus of the University of Washington in Seattle in front of 20 Puget Sound area students at the YMCA's annual Environmental Symposium presented by YMCA's Earth Service Corps. Click to learn more about the Earth Services Corps.

Solar Washington's presentation covered the various uses of solar (including solar PV and passive), how solar works, why solar is important from environmental and economic perspectives, as well as career opportunities in solar. Students asked a range of questions and were presented with hands-on items including solar PV wafers that are incorporated into panels, a solar PV panel itself, and more

The Environmental Symposium began in 1989 at the request of local high school students and teachers who had a desire to learn more about our community’s environmental issues. Since that time the Symposium has been held each year as a workshop based event that engages over 150 students in environmental education and empowers young people to return to their schools and address environmental issues through meaningful service. Other workshop have included Pacific Northwest ecology, Puget Sound water quality, urban birding, waste reduction, habitat restoration, environmental & social justice, green architecture, outdoor skills, climate change, youth advocacy, wildlife, urban gardening and more.

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