Solar Washington speaks at annual real estate conference

Solar Washington President David Nicol presented an introduction to solar in the residential market in front of an audience of real estate professionals and appraisers at the October 6 Fall Real Estate Conference presented by the Seattle Chapter of the Appraisal Institute and held at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center in downtown Seattle.

AppraisalInst.jpgNicol's presentation, dubbed "Here Comes the Sun: Solar Electric Systems in the Residential Environment" gave an in-depth introduction to the solar electric systems that appraisers encounter in the residential market. The intent of the presentation was to help professionals be able to better describe solar systems using appropriate terminology and understanding their function, installation, and effectiveness. Also discussed were system costs, rebates and credits, owning vs. leasing, and how these systems integrate with the home’s power system and the larger energy grid. The presentation was well-received and was regarded as a much-needed addition to the conference presentation docket, according to attendees. Click for more details about the conference.

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