March 2017 General Meeting

The March 2017 General Meeting was held Wednesday, March 1 in the Community Hall at the Phinney Center in Seattle from 6-8pm. Thanks to those who attended and presented on behalf of their companies and organizations.

Meeting topics:

An update from Jeremy Smithson (owner, Puget Sound Solar; Policy Chair, Solar Installers of Washington) on HB 1048 and other legislation being considered in Olympia this session which could impact the solar industry in Washington State. Click to view presentation file. (PDF)

J. Devin MacKenzie, Washington Research Foundation Professor of Clean Energy, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington, who presented on the UW's Clean Energy Institute's recent Washington Clean Energy Testbeds Opening, a facility for catalyzing innovations in clean energy technology. Click to view presentation file.

Holly Brunner, a student at the CEI graduate student, who spoke on the topic of "Nanoimprinted Silica Gels for use in Solar Module Antireflective Coatings". Click to view presentation file. (PDF)

Mark Schiller, Vice-President, Seattle Electric Vehicle Association who said a few words about what's new with EVs and owners with solar. Click to view presentation file. (PDF)

Photos clockwise from left: Jeremy Smithson, Devin MacKenzie, Holly Brunner, Mark Schiller. Photos by Jaffer Ali. 

Jeremy275.jpg Devin275.jpg

Holly275.jpg Mark275.jpg

Solar Washington presents its General Meetings as an informative forum for industry personnel, homeowners and solar enthusiasts. Our meetings present an excellent opportunity to network with industry representatives as well as learn about current products, services and issues surrounding the solar industry in Washington State. Open to all solar enthusiasts though donations of $5 or other amounts from non-Solar Washington members and sponsors are welcome to offset the costs of holding the meeting. Consider becoming a member of Solar Washington today! Click for more information.

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