How to Avoid Solar Power Scams

“Federal and Washington solar programs are making it possible to get solar installed on your home at no cost,” one ad proclaims to Washington residents, and “in an effort to reduce demand on the grid, your utility company will now pay you a credit for going solar.”

If you see a deal like this one, it could well be a scam. While solar power is a great investment that can pay for itself in the longer term and federal and state provide support for solar power for some consumers, solar panel installation is usually not free and utility companies are not providing free solar power.


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Washington State Solar Incentive Program

A proposal for a low-income solar energy program was passed by the Legislature and signed into law on March 30, 2022.  House Bill 1814 funds a revised version of Washington’s exhausted solar energy incentive program. In addition to solar for low-income households and service providers, the new program may also fund community solar subscriptions for low-income recipients. 

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Solar Sourcing and Staffing

With concerns over climate change front and center, and energy prices driving consumer and industry desires to shift to renewable energy, solar power is increasingly attractive. Despite concerns about sourcing and staffing, the prospects for increased solar power installation and usage in Washington is positive.

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