Solar in Action

This section highlights unique and noteworthy solar installations throughout Washington. Solar projects are submitted by companies, homeowners and business owners. To submit a solar project for consideration, please contact [email protected].

7.43 kW SunPower PV Array on Membrane Roof

After returning from an extended stay in Denmark, Dan & Rebecca Miller decided it was time to do their part in moving toward a sustainable lifestyle. They stepped up their conservation efforts across the board, and even retired one of their vehicles in exchange for regular bicycle and public transportation use. Only after marinating on the idea of solar for almost a year did the Miller’s finally commit to using solar energy as their home’s primary power source.

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Woodland Park Zoo Solar

carousel-woodland-park-zoo-solar2.jpgThe historic carousel at the Woodland Park Zoo was recently given a high-tech, eco-friendly makeover - solar panels now power the popular attraction as part of Seattle City Light’s solar-panel demonstration project.

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The Sextro Residence, Solar PV Install

Sextro-Solar-House1.jpgAnn and Bob Sextro pose with their new 4.08 kW Silicon Energy array and Nissan Leaf in front of their home in Sequim, WA. The result of integrating the array with a new standing seam metal roof is a very sleek profile with no roof penetrations.

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